Optimism publishes self destruct inflation postmortemHappened on March 8th, 2022
A vulnerability in Optimism’s fork of Geth (which we refer to as L2Geth) was reported to us by Jay Freeman (AKA saurik) on February 2nd, 2022. If exploited, this vulnerability would allow anyone to mint an unbounded amount of ETH on Optimism. We confirmed the issue, implemented a fix, and upgraded our infrastructure within 3 hours. We then alerted infrastructure providers running Optimism, as well as other network operators who are using a fork of our software. All parties were running a patched version of L2Geth within 32 hours of the initial report. https://github.com/ethereum-optimism/optimism/blob/master/technical-documents/postmortems/2022-02-02-inflation-vuln.md